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Special treatment

These days there is a tonic for everything. So, why can’t the lawn have a tonic?

Lawn tonic
One can of any non-diet soft drink
One can full-strength beer
½ cup of liquid dishwashing soap (do not use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid)
½ cup of household ammonia
½ cup of mouthwash (any brand)
Mix all together. Add 20ml to a litre of water. Spray on to the lawn or use a watering can every two to three weeks.

Why these ingredients?
Sugars in the beer and soft drink promote microbial activity.
The liquid soap is a wetting agent, assisting the mixture to adhere to the leaves and then penetrating to the roots.
The ammonia is high in nitrogen, which promotes growth and green colour.
The mouthwash kills bugs and grubs.