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Create an indoor fairy garden

Words & photos: Diane Turner

Do fairies live in your garden?

This is a lovely relaxing project, which would work well as a gift for a birthday. It cost $10 for the four plants – baby’s tears, maidenhair fern and ivy. I could not capture the fairies in my garden, they were too fast for me, but I did find a lovely one hidden in an op shop for a $1, along with some beautiful pebbles and a six-pack of tiny ladybird magnets for another $1. You may already have a stash of useful treasures at home, but searching for your material is also part of the fun. The best bit about this garden is that you can add new treasures as and when you find them.

I gave the sides of my terracotta pot a clean and then applied two coats of paint. Once the paint was dry I added stones for drainage and the added some potting mix.

My treasures included a swing (made from twigs and string), a table (a stone with a slice of branch glued on the top), toadstool seats (painted wine corks) and a pond (a paua shell). Before I added the plants, I had a trial run, to see what looked best where.

I made tiny toadstools from acorns. I painted the cupule that holds the acorn red then added the white dots, the cupule was then glued to the pointy end of the acorn.

I collected some moss from a shady damp area of my lawn to cover the potting mix. Tiny lengths of twigs made a great path and pea-sized gravel created another covering. Rosehips and berries can be used to decorate your garden, too. 

On top of the table, a bottle cap made a vase and more acorn cupules became bowls, along with some little bits of shell for plates. The little ladybirds were very nosy and can be found hiding all over the garden. If you can’t find any in the shops try making some from painted pebbles. Your garden will need a gentle water a couple of times a week with a spray bottle to keep the plants and moss alive.

My garden found a home next door, with my neighbour’s daughter. Now it has gone I am really tempted to make another one! I hope you enjoy having a go at creating your own fairy garden.